With its impressive colonial architecture and picturesque harbor setting, Victoria sure is postcard worthy. But that's only half its appeal: the city is home to a quality restaurant scene, great shopping, a cosmopolitan and easy-going populace, and more bike paths than any other metropolis in Canada.

Today, Victoria continues to draw visitors from around the world - tourists, students and business travelers. Home to several well-regarded institutions of higher education, the city is developing a reputation as a center for learning and research. Fueled by an increasingly younger demographic, a quiet revolution has seen lame tourist pubs, eateries and stores transformed into the kind of brightly-painted bohemian shops, wood-floored coffee bars and innovative restaurants that would make any city proud.

Victoria is also a popular springboard for adventure travelers, who can kayak the Inner Harbour, dive the clear waters along the southern coast, and hike the West Coast Trail.

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