Shonne Epperly-Elgin, Owner
Hanauma Bay, 2007


Shonne started learning the business of travel at her mother's side, and she began booking trips at age 18. Her career was later rounded out by formal education. The vision of acquiring her own agency has finally come to fruition. Most important to Shonne in her life are her relationships. Stephen, her husband of 27 years, her family,her customers, her friends, and of course, her dog Emilee, all make up the meaningful mosaic of her life. She is the entity called Havalark Travel. Whew! If you ask Shonne about the Polynesian tattoo on her arm she will tell you the story of what she and her husband went through to get them in Tahiti (he has one too). The story is characteristic of her perseverance in achieving the goals that she has set for herself. She won't let you down, it just is not in her nature. Her favorite type of travel is to water destinations, to enjoy the beautiful sea and the nearby tropical foliage and wildlife. If she has free time it's spent enjoying their home in the mountains, watching their local woodland creatures, playing U-bass and going on walks with her pooch.

Havalark Travel
CST # 2011131-10
Foreshtill, California
Phone- 530-367-6595
Fax- 866-869-2238


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